Food and Drink in Devon


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Perhaps the things Devon is best known for are Clotted Cream and Cider


Really traditional Devon scrumpy (scrumpy being the name for farm cider) looks like bright orange juice with bits of apple floating in it. It is made using Devon apples, cider mills and cider presses.

Traditionally, scrumpy was made using the wind fall apples. They would be bruised, and not suitable for eating or cooking. However a windfall apple is just right for scrumpy, they would not be quite ripe, so would be sharper and drier. They would have impurities from the ground, which helped fermentation

Click here for a recipe to make you own scrumpy


Clotted cream, rich and thick, spread on warm scones with home-made strawberry jam, is one of life's little pleasures. If you are holidaying in Devon, then you can get this delicacy virtually anywhere. If you are unfortunate enough not to live in Devon, perhaps in the USA, then you are doomed either to go clotted creamless or else try your hand at this difficult skill.

a recipe to make your own clotted cream.

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