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So let us find out about Devon's past

Early Times

Dartmoor in particular has many remains of pre-historic man. The Romans left their mark on Exeter, and major portions of the Roman city walls can still be seen. The Normans followed with Exeter Cathedral. But Devon was never in the mainstream of English politics. Perhaps there was not enough wealth to be exploited. The history of Devon is therefore more the history of the average man

The Middle Ages

The Weather and changes in climate resulted in many changes in farming practices in Devon. It is recorded that a cold wet climate started around 1300 AD in England in general. But by the 15th century it is believed that wine was made in Devon.

Unlike many parts of England, Devon had very few noblemen as landowners, the land was owned more by the country gentry. Between 1485 and 1914, the gentry were the people who ran Devon

During the 20th century however, changes in society and the wider economy have accelerated the transformation of the County into an area popular with tourists. Agriculture is still important, as is fishing and primary industry, but the modern economy in Devon focuses on services and manufacturing industries.
(Devon County Council's view on Devon today)

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