Wildlife in Devon

Moorland Flora and Fauna in Devon

The vast open spaces of Dartmoor and Exmoor have led to Devon being abundant in types of flora and fauna that are rarely found in abundance in other parts of Britain

bird stonechat.jpg (4990 bytes) Stonechat

A bird found on open moorland, with a very distinctive call - like two stones being clinked together

bird blackcap.jpg (6076 bytes) Blackcap

A melodious songbird, whose rich song can be heard in woodland undergrowth in spring

bird wood warbler.jpg (6618 bytes) Wood Warbler

Another particularly melodious song bird, often heard in oak woods

sparrowhawk.jpg (5950 bytes) Sparrowhawk

The Sparrowhawk operates at low level, cruising the hedge-tops, and pouncing on small birds like finches, tits and sparrows

gorse.jpg (3845 bytes)


The acid soils of Dartmoor give rise to plenty of spiky yellow gorse, particularly during the summer months

stinking iris.jpg (3810 bytes)

Stinking Iris

The stinking Iris is so called because that is just what it does, stinks when its leaves or roots are crushed. It is perhaps just as well that it warns you, since it is beautiful, but deadly - it is poisonous.


The streams of Devon are one of the last strongholds of the Otter

Red Deer

Found on Exmoor. In autumn, during the rut, you hear the bellowings echoing across the moors

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